6 Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Rank Orders and Explanations

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Call of Duty has succeeded in becoming one of the most played FPS games from the past. COD itself is available in versions offline nor on line.

Now, on HP Call of Duty is also available in a mobile version, which has a lot of features and several gameplay modes.

Just like games battle royale
others such as PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Apex Legends Mobile, Call of Duty has a mode ranked and have rank separately.

If you’re new to this game and curious, what’s up rank in CODM, here I will explain the list in full.

Call of Duty Mobile Ranking List

By playing rankedyou can upgrade rank in CODM. The higher it is rankthe opponent will be even better.

tiers rank in CODM itself there are 6. And every rank has its own level that must be passed.

1. Rookie

Rookie Rank in CODM

Rank this is rank the lowest in CODM. In Bronze you will only meet new players.

Sometimes in Bronze you’ll also encounter bots. Rank this is suitable for studying basic-basic gameplay in COD Mobile.

If you want to go up to rank next, then you have to pass 5 level
Rookies. Starting from Rookie I to Rookie V.

RankNumber of Combat Points
Rookie I1 – 200 CP
Rookie II201 – 400 CP
Rookie III401 – 600 CP
Rookie IV601 – 800 CP
Rookie V801 – 1000 CP

2. Veterans

Veteran Rank in CODM

After passing the level in rank Rookie, you will proceed to rank Next up is Veterans. In rank This enemy you are facing is also still a beginner.

Rank this is still suitable for understanding the features in the game, knowing the details of the map and so on.

RankNumber of Combat Points
Veteran I1001 – 1200 CP
Veteran II1201 – 1400 CP
Veteran III1401 – 1600 CP
Veteran IV1601 – 1800 CP
Veterans V1801 – 2000 CP

3. Elite

Elite Rank in CODM

In rank Veterans, players can be said to have understood gameplay from COD Mobile. In rank This sometimes you can also meet players who are already good.

And if you want to continue to rank next, you have to pass 5 level Elite. Here’s the CP needed to go up
level rank Elite.

RankNumber of Combat Points
Elite I2001 – 2200 CP
Elite II2201 – 2400 CP
Elite III2401 – 2600 CP
Elite IV2601 – 2800 CP
Elite V2801 – 3000 CP

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4. Pro

Pro Rank in CODM

Just like Elite, Pro is also a rank middle that is in CODM. In rank
In this way, you will start to often meet good enemies. Starting from being good at strategy, making decisions or something else.

It can be said that, rank
This is also fairly difficult to pass. Especially if you’re the one playing ranked multiplayer.

Here’s a list of points that you must pass to get up level Pro:

RankNumber of Combat Points
Pro I3001 – 3300 CP
Pro II3301 – 3600 CP
Pro III3601 – 3900 CP
Pro IV3901 – 4200 CP
Pro V4201 – 4500 CP

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5. Master

Master Rank in CODM

If you make it through rank Pro, you could say you already have skills qualified. Here you will be directed to rank
second highest in CODM, namely Master.

In rank
This master, the enemies you will meet are definitely all good. So you have to be more creative in strategizing to be able to win often and rise to the top rank

RankNumber of Points
Master I4501 – 4900 CP
Master II4901 – 5300 CP
Master III5301 – 5700 CP
Master IV5701 – 6100 CP
Master V6101 – 6500 CP

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6. Legendary

Legendary Rank in COD Mobile

After successfully collecting more than 6500 pointsyou will immediately get rank
Legendary. Legendary is rank highest in CODM.

Players who are in rank this, it has been confirmed skills which is very good. Either individually or as a team game.

Oh yes, di rank
Legendary no longer has level again. So that even if your CP continues to increase, rank You will remain in Legendary only.

The final word

Well, that’s the list rank
CODM, from Rookie to Legendary.

If anyone wants to ask about CODM, please just leave a comment via the column below.

May be useful.

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